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A first in France

Guillaume, Romain and Victor all have the same passion for travel. It is also during a trip to Benin that the Bay of Miracle brought them together around a common project.
We are the first and we will remain the first to democratize this fruit in France and Europe . In France, we have access to a large number of already prepared food products. We all find advantages to this mode of consumption and yet is not it time to change our consumption habits ?

Our first harvest !

A secret place, Cotonou

© Photo Studio Wowberry

When we realized that this fruit had, thanks to miraculin, the power to change sour and bitter flavors into sweetness.

We deduced that this berry could act as a natural sweetener to improve the daily lives of all people wanting to reduce their sugar consumption.

Indeed, this protein has the effect of changing the perception of taste of food. You can bite into a lemon and feel the flavor of a sweet lemonade, enjoy a 0% white cheese, or a sugar-free cocoa fondant but still having the same taste. It is on the basis of this observation that we decided to launch the marketing of this fruit in France.

WowBerry Grows !

100 000

The number of miracle berries sold.


People in the WB team including 4 jobs created in Benin.


The countries served.