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You deserve to know everything

For us transparency is the basis of trust, it is at the heart of the WowBerry project. Our miracle berries cost 5 times more to produce than other berries that can be found on the market. Because we buy miracle berries from fair trade. We made this choice because it seems more economically fair for all actors in the production chain.

Negotiation with the village chief

Region of Zé, Cotonou

© Photo Studio Wowberry

Cost of a bay produced in Benin by WowBerry 0.46 euros Cost of a bay produced in China 0.15 euros.

Since 2016, we apply the principles of fair trade on the ground in Benin.
Here we want to make accessible our organic labeling certification reports (in progress).
Our chemical transparency reports (in French) course).

Our next challenge is to get B corp certification.
« B Corp is a certification that will evaluate the overall impact of WowBerry. B Corp is a questionnaire of almost 300 open and detailed questions about wages, suppliers, the team, the environment, the workplace and governance. »