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Do not choose between the quality of our products and our commitments

Fair Trade is one of the pillars of WowBerry. Our miracle berries are bought directly from producers in Benin. We sign renewable 6-month contracts with them, setting a price higher than the market price. This is one of the ways to create a more balanced and dignified trading exchange.

Our promises

«We are in a process of social and solidarity economy. It is important for us to help local associations and allow farmers to live with dignity»


We believe that a healthy and balanced diet, coupled with foods with beneficial properties helps to improve your daily health. That's why our team is working on developing the miracle fruit.

«The objective of our agricultural sector is simple: to create a mode of production that will cross the ages thanks to the respect of the Man and the environment»


Since 2017, WowBerry has distributed miracle berries with a positive impact at every stage, from production to distribution. The founders of the only French brand offer the miracle berry in dried form, allowing optimal conservation of the fruit and its benefits.

«Producing fruit differently is a signal that everything is to be reinvented in our current production systems.»


Fair trade on the ground

Like a taste of adventure

© Photo Studio Wowberry

For Wowberry it is to work directly with producers and reduce intermediaries.

We also set a price higher than the market price to arrive at a price per kilo of miracle fruit with which producers can, according to our advice, reinvest in their farms.

The picture was taken by Guillaume, we were in the village of Zé, a commune in the north of Cotonou, where farmers and their families live.