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Fruit miracle

«Ne sucrez plus, FRUITEZ !»
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All about the product


Your ally against sugar


Rich in antioxidants

dietary supplement

An optimal food supplement

natural drying

Drying with natural air, untreated

Fruit miracle, the bay that sugar ... no sugar!

What if you were told that you can sweeten all your food and drinks without taking a calorie ?
You will not believe it, but it is possible because of the fruit miracle. Be ready to rediscover the flavors of your favorite dishes, drinks and fruits! A half-bay is enough to soften all your pleasure moments.
In short, do not suck, add fruit!

  • Juice: Use all fruits and vegetables to create your own combinations!
  • Virgins or alcoholic cocktails : Capi rhina, Mojito, Daiquiri, Ti’ Punch, Rhums arrangés... and so many others!
  • Desserts : yogurt, lemon pie cake, apple crumble, chocolate fudge, cookie, rhubarb pie …

Optimal results

Vitamin C

All data is shown for 100g

Where does this magic fruit come from ?

The Fruit Miracle is a small red berry with white pulp, without any particular flavor. It is the fruit of Synsepalum dulcificum, a tree native to West Africa. We work closely with farmers in Benin who produce the miracle fruit in a natural, non-GMO and fair way. Their production processes in no way alter the purity or the virtues of the miraculous berry.

Les effets de la Miraculine.

Once tasted, the miracle berry will change the taste of acidic, bitter and unsweetened foods for almost an hour. Desserts, juices, cocktails, coffees, teas, herbal teas, the variety of flavors to be tested is very wide! Imagine crunching into a lemon and having the sensation of drinking a lemonade ? From a chocolate fondant or even a mojito without any sugar ? It is recognized that the miracle fruit helps to reduce its sugar consumption. It will no longer be enough to settle for an insipid dish or a bland dessert. Thanks to this fruit, the suffering of the diabetes will find the softness and the taste in their food, while avoiding the harmful effects of the sugar.

Our fruit miracle, ripened in the sun, nourished by Beninese lands.

For thousands of years, miracle berries called locally "sisré" grow on the wild and natural lands of Benin. Known to be one of the most fertile lands in the world, Synsepalum Dulcificum grows in the best conditions to produce berries of unparalleled quality.

How to consume the fruit miracle ?



"Keep the taste of food."

Your favorite cocktails!

Your pastries

Natural lemonade

Your favorite fruits !