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    Fruit miracle 100% natural. Available by 3, 10, 50 bays. Sweeten all your food and drinks without taking a calorie? To try the miraculine is to adopt it!

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How to consume the fruit miracle ?


Fruit miracle, the best way to reduce sugar consumption

moins de sucre

Do you want or can not consume sugar ? Do you follow a very strict diet or suffer from loss of taste ? The fruit miracle is for you ! Sugar without calorie and reconnect with the pleasures of taste every day thanks to miraculin.

stop sucre

Enjoy yourself in a fun way by rediscovering the taste of food.
The fruit miracle is very easy to use and will soften your daily life. Drinks, desserts, revisit your classics or make your own creations !


With #WowBerry, share with us on the networks how miracle bay has changed your life. Also talk to the community to share your own tips and uses.

Some testimonials ...

A healthy diet

I am very concerned about my diet and that of my family, I have three children, two twins of 4 years and a little boy of 7 years.
One of my most difficult tasks has been to feed the vegetables to my children.
After discovering this little red fruit, problem solved! they loved it! it is even they who ask me for vegetable juices with the bay.

Carine, 42 years old

Facing diabetes

I have been suffering from diabetes for several years. This forces me to follow a strict diet that leaves little room for sugar, not at all ...
When I first knew the miracle bay I was finally able to rediscover the pleasures of sugar simply by squeezing a little lemon into water or a plain yogurt to get a good lemonade or a sweet yogurt.

Thomas, 26 years

Flavor enhancer

For more than two years, I have been on chemotherapy and radiotherapy because of cancer.
Everything I ate had a metallic taste, bitter. I forced myself to eat just enough.
I was made aware of miraculin and I rediscovered the diversity of flavors and appetite at the same time.

Caroline, 58 years


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